Welcome to Helsinki IP Summit!

Helsinki IP Summit will gather together IP enthusiast from all around the world.

Global IPR-event!

Intellectual property rights protect your products, innovations and your business. By using the intellectual property rights as a business strategy asset you’ll get the competition advantage in a market. IPR helps your business to grow!

In Helsinki IP Summit you will hear about the latest IPR phenomena, success stories and you will learn a lot from the best IP Experts in a world. We can promise that you will get new ideas for your business and you will be inspired about the innovations in a field of IP.

It will connect the people from all the areas of intellectual property. You have an unique chance to meet IPR -enthusiasts and -experts from all around the world, connect and expand your network, share thoughts and learn from the best IP experts in a world!

The topics will handle:

  • IPR phenomena (AI, Blockchain, Data etc.)
  • IPR success stories
  • Branding
  • Technology Licencing
  • Startup stories
  • IP as a source for business
  • Pharma and IP
  • IP Strategy in Finland
  • Covid-19 and IPR
  • Sustainability and IPR

If you are an expert of IP or starting your business and need some advice or you are a student or a professor or a manager or CEO or just interested in IP, you all are welcome to this high level event!



Helsinki IP Summit is supported by

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