Yrjö Raivio

PhD Yrjo Raivio, born 1962, joined the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) in 2013 as a Patent Examiner. On June 2019 he was promoted to a Senior Patent Examiner position. In PRH, Mr. Raivio examines both national and PCT patent applications in the fields of ICT technologies and in particular 5G networks, blockchains, authentication and payment systems. He is also actively contributing to customer management among large ICT enterprises as well as startups. Previously, Mr. Raivio worked in Aalto University 2010-2013 where he finalized his doctoral thesis on topics relating to Open Innovation and Cloud Computing. Before Aalto, Mr. Raivio worked in the Nokia Group in various tasks 1984-2009, lastly in Nokia Networks as a Senior Research Manager for services research, standardization and patenting. Mr Raivio graduated as PhD in Computer Science in 2013 and MSc in Electrical Engineering in 1995, all degrees are from the Aalto University, known earlier also as the Helsinki University of Technology.

Contact details:
Yrjo Raivio
Senior Patent Examiner
Patents and Trademarks
Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH)
P.O. Box 1140, FI-00101 Helsinki, FINLAND
E-mail: yrjo.raivio@prh.fi
Phone : +358 29 509 5382
Mobile: +358 50 462 9417
Internet: http://www.prh.fi

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