Jyri Lassi

Mr. Jyri Lassi has been Vice President, Chief IP Officer for PayPal since December 2016. In his current role, he is responsible for leading PayPal’s IP team and developing the overall IP strategy and execution of IP-related matters at PayPal. Specifically, Mr. Lassi is in charge of PayPal’s global IP strategy; global patent prosecution, strategic patent filing, patent portfolio management, patent licensing and other patent transaction as well as patent litigation; and global trademark protection, trademark and domain name portfolio management, brand enforcement and litigation. Mr. Lassi is also responsible for boosting innovation at PayPal through a companywide innovation initiative to incentivize innovation, as well as for managing PayPal’s global inventor reward program, and IP advisory services for all PayPal business, engineering, and legal groups globally.  Mr. Lassi is also a member of the PayPal global organization, specifically his position includes responsibilities as a member of PayPal’s Legal Leadership Team.

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