Anna Juusela

Anna Juusela, an entrepreneur with 10+ years experience in the retail sector, as a teacher and consult in the field of trends, profitability and marketing. 

Her ambition and interest in future, trends and new technologies, as well as a vision and determination to empower women and prevent forced marriages, led her to building an Impact Startup. We Encourage Oy Ltd, utilizes new technologies such as AI and blockchain to create a global community and an incentivizing system for families to educate their daughters instead of them being forced into marriage. The initiative has gained wide interest, Anna was invited to be a panelist for Blockchain and social innovation at UNESCO Blockchain and Perspectives conference, she will be a panelist in New York at MONDO music and technology conference and We Encourage is nominated as Best Social Impact Startup for Finland for 2019 at Nordic Startup Awards.

Twitter: @annajuusela

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